July 15, 2005


Dear sister Thompson:


            I have received and read your letter of July 10. Your expression of hurt and sorrow was very touching—it shook me greatly. The description of your agony moved me even more in that I have obviously, albeit inadvertently, contributed to it. I am writing to express to you my deepest regret for any and all of the extra pain and burden my “Summation” statement has brought to you, to your sons, and to Bert during a time when you must have been already bowed down with almost more than you could bear. I humbly ask for your forgiveness for so doing.


Please be assured that I am not writing this under any compulsion from or even at the suggestion of anyone. I do so because I believe that it is simply the right thing to do—freely from my own heart. I can understand why you must think the very worst of me at present; I do not blame you for doing so. You may or may not believe what I will say further, and it perhaps will not heal any of the hurt, but even so, I want to assure you of a few things relative to the “Summation” statement:






If I had it in my power, I would distribute this letter as widely as my statement has been circulated. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing the extent of the circulation. I am sending it to those who have received a copy of my “Summation” of whom I am aware, although this is a very limited number (several have contacted me who knew nothing of this document until they received brother Chesser’s mass-mailed letter to me). If you wish to supply names and addresses of those to whom you would like me to send this letter, I will gladly send it to them. Of course, I will be pleased for you to pass this letter on to any and all others of your choice.


            I am sure that Lavonne and I cannot even imagine the suffering and sorrow you have been, and are, enduring. Again, I am very sorry my words and actions have added to them. I grieve also over the fact that the words of my statement implied hardness of heart, lack of compassion, and unwillingness to forgive. I certainly should have expressed those sentiments openly. Please know that I do indeed accept Bert’s confession(s) as sincere. Last night I received a forwarded message with his e-mail address in it. I am sending him a letter by e-mail similar to this one today.


            I will continue to pray for better days for you and yours.


Your brother and servant,




Dub McClish

908 Imperial Drive

Denton, TX 76209