From: Lynn Parker <>


Sent: Thursday, July 21,2005 5:02 PM

Subject: The future of TGJ


[Please pass this on to other Board members]


Dear brother:


My heart is grieved now over events of the last day. I’m literally sick and heart-broken. I know that Dub McClish and Dave Watson have been fired from their duties at The Gospel Journal. I understand this was the result of a unanimous decision by TGJ Board. Before this goes any further, I appeal to you brethren to (1) reconsider your decision and (2) think seriously about the TGJ and the brotherhood.


I have read the now well-known “Summary” by Dub. The opposition’s reaction has been way out of proportion. I could recount/recall/rehearse similar statements and commentary regarding certain men and problems, either in print or by phone, by some on TGJ Board. Shall I?


I have read Frank Chesser’s letters. I have read Rhonda Thompson’s letter. I see great anger and an ugly spirit in Frank’s [sic] Chesser’s letter, and an application of a judgment on Dub that Frank would not want to apply (and did not) to himself {Matt. 7:1ff).


I wonder still...where was the righteous indignation when Dave Miller was hired at AP? Where is the Board standing in regard to AP and Dave Miller? Has the TGJ Board or any member thereof rebuked those at AP for employing Dave Miller? We stopped supporting AP or buying its books long before the revelation concerning Bert Thompson’s “private sins.” Surely you realize that in firing Dub McClish and standing by AP while Dave Miller is promoted (even retained), the Board is sending absolutely the wrong message to the brotherhood. Where was Frank Chesser and his righteous objections when Dave Miller was hired at AP? Dissimulation is sinful, and Frank Chesser is in sin and needs to repent.


Does TGJ Board think that TGJ was becoming too issue oriented, and does not want TGJ to be like Contending For The Faith (CFTF)? Does TGJ Board or any member of TGJ Board feel ashamed to have CFTF on their “coffee table?” If so, for what reasons are you ashamed?


Was it the case that a young preacher in Texas was privy to the firing of McClish and Watson prior to its occurrence? Before McClish knew about it? If so, why?


This will hurt TGJ. It will hurt MSOP. It will hurt Defender. It will hurt lectureships. In short, and most importantly, this will hurt the cause of Christ. I fear this will be an event that history will record as significant in the long list of sad and tragic incidents that hurt the church in this generation. This will give encouragement to the liberals who laugh now at us.


How did we feel when Guy Woods was removed from his position as Editor at GA? This goes beyond the replacement of brother Woods in the reasons you have stated for firing brother McClish.


I love you men. It is not too late. Please re-trace your steps reconsider this decision. I would humbly ask that you let me know one way or the other by Friday evening (July 22, 2005) at 5 pm. If your decision is firm and past reversal, would you give me the courtesy of that message by tomorrow afternoon?


For the cause of Christ,

Lynn Parker


PS - Considering the nature of this problem, I feel like you would want to know that no one asked be to write this letter, neither has anyone directed or suggested the content. However, this is widely known now and becoming more so by the hour. It is past confidential exchanges and thus, I consider this to be of a public nature as well as any responses to it. Feel free to distribute my letter in its entirety, without alteration.