Dear Mr. and Mrs. McClish,


            I genuinely appreciate both your letters, which arrived Monday.  Thank you for your expressions of concern for me, my sons, and A.P.  I appreciate your expressions of remorse and your request for forgiveness.  That is a request I gladly and quickly granted, of course, as your sister in Christ.  I did not believe that any anguish you have gone through because of my letter was “deserved.”  I did not intend for my words to wound either of you, only to prick your hearts and hopefully get you to see “the rest of the story.”  I’m not the kind of person who tries to hurt other people, even in anger, and I’ll do anything to correct the situation if I discover someone has been hurt by my words or actions.

            Thank you for your praise and continued support for A.P.  Please share that praise with others, and encourage others to support the good work and good people at A.P. financially.

            Please continue to pray for us.  Thank you again for your heartfelt letters.  I look forward to Heaven where we will live in total harmony and have no words that can be hurtful or misunderstood – only praise for the Lord whom we are trying to serve.


                                                                                    In Him,


                                                                                    Rhonda Thompson