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Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 8:40 AM


Subject: TGJ Controversy




Is there any way the TGJ board would reconsider its present decision regarding the dismissal of Dub and Dave? I fear that a great deal of unnecessary damage has already been done.


It probably is not possible at this stage to keep the editorship and associate editorship open to both Dub and David. If I were either of them I could not even consider remaining at the helm if the board's decision were reversed. Perhaps at least some of the damage can he repaired and at least fellowship can be maintained if corrections are made and apologies offered. Why is it the case that Bert Thompson is being treated like a victim whereas Dub and Dave like perpetrators? Do brethren fail to understand that a willingness to forgive does not negate or remove consequences of sin?


I have a deep love for all of those involved in this controversy. It is my sincere desire and prayer that a solution to this serious problem will be ascertained. If such is not to happen there will be an open split take place among those who have dearly loved one another and have faithfully labored together for years.


It indeed is a mystery to me how brethren very dear to me have jumped on board a band wagon in support of a work that has a false teacher as its director. The last week has been one of the most heart breaking periods of my entire life.


Brotherly in Christ,

Kent Bailey