From: Tom Hicks

Date: 07/26/05 12:54:21




Subject: RE: TGJ Controversy




    Thank you for your email message and for your concerns relative to The Gospel Journal. Please allow me to refer you to brother Curtis Cates, President of The Gospel Journal Board. If you will contact him, I am sure he will openly discuss with you the matters you have raised. Because you and I are friends, I do want to make some personal (i.e., my own) comments that might be useful to you.


    From some of your statements, it appears to me that you have been given some false information. I know that David Brown and Lynn Parker have been “spreading the word,” calling and/or emailing brethren, trying to stir them up, telling them that The Gospel Journal Board “fired” Dub McClish and was giving its support to Dave Miller. Kent, that simply is not true. Though I do not know where you got your information, your message below sounds very much like what David and Lynn have been telling people.


    You did not use the word “fired,” but you used “dismissal” which, to me, implies the same. Neither Dub nor David was “fired.” Furthermore, neither was asked to “resign.” By their own volition, both did resign. I cannot speak as to how Dub and David perceived their situation relative to TGJ Board, but if anyone says, “They saw the handwriting on the wall and resigned,” I can assure you that TGJ Board had done no “writing on the wall.” No vote was ever taken, therefore, no decision was ever made, by TGJ Board to “fire” them or to ask them for their resignations.

    Kent, no TGJ Board member, let alone TGJ Board as a whole, has “jumped on board a band wagon in support of a work that has a false teacher as its director.” Anyone who says we have is either misinformed or dishonest. If someone says, “Well, it looks like…” I would remind them of John 7:24. Specifically, regarding the false doctrines in which Dave Miller involved himself (i.e., elders “re-evaluation” doctrine and the marriage/divorce “intent” doctrine a la Everett Chambers), we stand with you and every other sound brother-in opposition to them. Right now, we, like a whole lot of other brethren (and, I would think you included), are taking a “wait and see” stance regarding Apologetics Press.


    Dub and I have been friends since 1971. Having known him for 34 years I do not exaggerate when I tell you that I would trust him with my life. In matters of judgment, Dub and I do not always share the same opinions. But, in matters of faith we speak the same things and are of the same mind, and the same judgment. Dub has never taught or done anything of which I am aware that would cause me or any other TGJ Board member to question for a moment being in fellowship with him. In fact, each TGJ Board member has individually conveyed this to Dub and to David. Kent, there are absolutely no fellowship issues involved.


    Hopefully, these thoughts will help your understanding of the matter. Be assured, TGJ has nothing to hide and is seeking to be only what it was established to be.