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Date: Tue. 26 Jul 2005 16:11:54 EDT

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Subject: Re: TGJ Controversy




1.             If neither Dub nor Dave were removed by TGJ board then what motivated their decision to resign?


2.             If neither Dub nor Dave were removed by TGJ board what motivated Brian [sic] Braswell to inform Dub that both he and Dave were going to be dismissed from their respective roles at TGJ? Brian [sic] stated he received this information from Barry Grider of the Forest Hill Church.


3.             Does TGJ board agree or disagree with Dub's Summation Of The AP Scandal?


4.             Does TGJ board agree, or disagree with Frank Chesser’s response to Dub’s written summation?


5.             Tommy, you stated that you did not endorse Dave Miller due to the false position he advocates regarding reevaluation and reappointment of elders and MDR. I certainly stand with you on that opposition. However, you stated you were going to take a “wait and see” approach regarding Apologetics Press. The case being that Dave Miller has already been working at Apologetics Press for some time why do you desire to “wait” and what do you want to “see”?


6.             Does TGJ board either presently endorse or oppose the work at Apologetics Press with Dave Miller at the helm?


7.             Would the TGJ board be agreeable to an open meeting with Dub and Dave along with concerned brethren about this present controversy? Of course there would be a need to have a neutral moderator (one not affiliated with either The Gospel Journal or Contending For The Faith preside at such a meeting).


Again, permit me to emphasize that I dearly love all that are involved in this present controversy. This past week has brought an untold amount of saddness [sic] to my heart. It would give me no greater satisfaction to see this situation resolved in a scriptural manner. Although, this E-mail is addressed to you copies are being sent to all TGJ board members as well as others involved. I would appreciate any response made by any TGJ board member.


Brotherly in Christ,

Kent Bailey