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Open Letter to Contributors and Friends of Apologetics Press – May 31, 2005


            For the past eighteen months, the eldership of the Palm Beach Lakes church of Christ has overseen the work of Dr. Bert Thompson and Apologetics Press.  With great sorrow, on May 24, 2005, this eldership supported the Board of Directors when they terminated Dr. Bert’s association with A.P.  Bert has struggled with long-term, deep-seated personal sins in his life which made this action necessary.  Happily, on that day, he confessed his sins and asked his employees and the PBL elders for their forgiveness.  The next evening, Wednesday, May 25, at the Panama Street church of Christ where he is a member, Dr. Bert responded to the Lord’s invitation and publicly asked for the forgiveness of his brothers and sisters in Christ.


            The enemies of Bert Thompson, in and out of the kingdom, will rejoice and find comfort in this terrible tragedy.  Some will gloat, rejoicing in iniquity not in truth (1 Cor. 13:6), taking delight in the adversity of a brother and not being concerned for souls (including Bert’s).  Our hearts will sorrow over this ensuing tragedy as well, since the cause of Christ will not be enhanced by such behavior.  We need to rejoice over repentance, not sin (James 5:19-20).


            The action taken by the Board made it unwise for the A.P. staff to implement the intern program without Bert; plus anticipated financial grants were not received so the program was canceled.  We know this was a devastating blow to eighteen outstanding young men, ready for a rewarding summer, and we are sorry it was necessary to cancel at the last minute.


            The Board also recognized and has encouraged A.P. to focus on its core mission, defending the Christian faith with a relentless pursuit of excellence, which has become a hallmark at A.P.  The PBL elders plan to work with the Board in an advisory capacity, provide strength and counsel to Bert and to continue overseeing this amazing, effective organization.


            The healing process has already begun.  The Board named Dr. Dave Miller as interim Executive Director and we have every confidence in his spiritual foundation, talent and leadership ability.  Before leaving, Dr. Bert reminded the staff that he had not organized A.P. as a “one man show” but built it so it could be passed on and continue to thrive.


            You can help.  We implore you to increase your financial and moral support to A.P. for the next two years then make an evaluation.  We are confident the Lord will bring unparalleled results through the new leadership, its renewed focus and the amazingly talented staff.


            Most importantly, will you begin right now to pray earnestly for Dr. Bert as he works to rebuild trust, for his family’s relief from their devastation, for the healing of the interns and for the staff to take A.P. to unparalleled heights of excellence?


            Because of Him, the elders


            Stanley C. Bronson                   Donald G. Dodd                       Joe D. Holland

            Jerry D. Hopkins                      Daniel L. McLeod                    Greg L. Morris