An Open Letter to the Friends of AP


            It is with great sadness and deep regret that we acknowledge the departure of Bert Thompson from the work of Apologetics Press.  He has been the driving force behind this great endeavor for over a quarter of a century.  He has provided reassurance to Bible believers worldwide that the Word of God reports the accurate view of origins, and that all “scientific” claims to the contrary are mere pseudo-science.  We are deeply grateful for Dr. Thompson’s longstanding warfare against the sinister doctrine of evolution, with his eloquent affirmation of the biblical account of Creation.  Truth is truth, even if those who defend it eventually succumb to personal sin.


            In the meantime, Lord willing, the work of Apologetics Press is moving forward.  Steps have already been taken to fill the vacuum left in the science department.  The rest of the staff at AP, though grief-stricken, are still on board and eager to see that AP continues its longstanding tradition of defending the Christian Faith.  We are neither discouraged nor defeated.  Indeed, the relentless pursuit of excellence is alive and well at AP.  The fantastic staff remains intact—writers, speakers, artists, translators, computer specialists, and support staff—some of the most talented, intelligent, spiritually-minded men and women in the brotherhood.  Our wives are spiritual and supportive.  Our facility, publications, and organizational structure are firmly in place.  Outstanding projects—from forthcoming book publications, Spanish translations, a thrilling children’s television program for GBN, AP’s outstanding Web site, and of course our flagship periodicals Reason & Revelation for adults and Discovery for children—are all forging full steam ahead.  Even as the name and work of Apologetics Press have been synonymous with sound biblical and scientific research for over a quarter of a century, so it will continue to be.  Though often assumed to be the work of one man, AP’s work has always been a team effort.  Scores of godly men and women have worked directly with AP, and legions of faithful Christians and congregations have supported it.  It remains now, as it always has been, a work of the body of Christ.


            About two-thirds of our support comes from contributions from you, our friends.  We want you to remain on board with us and invest in AP’s future as together we rise above the adversity of the past and look to the opportunities of the future.  We need your prayers and financial support more than ever.  I have consulted with our Board of Directors, the elders of our overseeing congregation, Wayne Jackson, and others, and all believe I need to appeal to you, our friends and contributors, in a special way.  For months, due to anticipated financial assistance that has not materialized, deficit spending has occurred.  We are already taking steps to slash all nonessential expenditures.  But these steps are insufficient in themselves.  We genuinely need you.  If you agree with us that the legacy of AP must continue, it is time to “step up to the plate.”  In addition to your coveted prayers, we request your help in one or more of the following ways:


ü      Increase the amount of your regular contribution for the next two years

ü      Make thirteen contributions for each of the next two years

ü      Take a special collection for AP at your congregation for June

ü      Talk to other individuals or congregations about starting support for AP


Please let me know how you can help.  Feel free to send me an e-mail (, or call me at 1-800-234-8558 or 1-334-277-8558.


            A chapter in the history of Apologetics Press now comes to a close.  But a thrilling new chapter is only just beginning.  With the Lord’s approval and assistance, this new era will be bright, rewarding, and productive.  It will see AP expand and increase its outreach to the world.  It will require courage, determination, optimism, and savvy.  Satan is shrewd, but God is still on the throne, and Jesus is at His side (Revelation 4-5).  We intend to proceed undaunted by Satan.  I am confident that exciting days lie ahead for AP.


With Respect and Appreciation,


Dave Miller

Interim Executive Director