We, the undersigned, wish to announce that we have complete confidence that Apologetics Press is on a firm footing that will insure its continued work of excellence.  We commend AP to the brotherhood and recommend that it continue to be the recipient of financial and moral support.


          Jody Apple                     Tom Holland                   Basil Overton

          V.P. Black                      Dale Hubbert                   Kevin Patterson

          Maxie Boren                   Wayne Jackson               Max Patterson

          Ted Burleson                  Dan Jenkins                     Denny Petrillo

          Curtis Cates                    Jeff Jenkins                     David Pharr

          Frank Chesser                 Jerry Jenkins                   Neal Pollard

          Winford Clairborne         Edwin Jones                    Jason Roberts

          Bill Clary                         John Kachelman, Jr.        David Sain

          Glenn Colley                   Andy Kizer                     Paul Sain

          Marlin Connelly               Drew Kizer                      Phil Sanders

          Jim Dearman                   Scott Lambert                 Billy Smith

          Earl Edwards                  Roy Lanier, Jr.                Lonnie Smith

          Raymond Elliott              Mac Lyon                       Robert Taylor

          Barry Gilreath                  Cliff Lyons                     James Watkins

          Barry Grider                    Gary McDade                 Allen Webster

          Dennis Gulledge              Don McWhorter              Chuck Webster

          Ronnie Hayes                  Joseph Meador               Dan Winkler

          David Hester                   James Meadows              Wendell Winkler

          Alan Highers                   Tom Miller                      William Woodson

          Sean Hochdorf                Hardeman Nichols           Gary Workman